The FluentIQ affiliate program is an opportunity to add value for candidates, streamline your recruitment decision process and secure an additional revenue stream.

It's a simple program with only a few steps:

  • Simply place the "We accept Fluent IQ" where appropriate on your website.
  • Place the suggested copy and links within your ads or ad templates.
  • Visitors click the link and take the test.
  • Each time a visitor comes from your web links to FluentIQ and purchases a test, the order will be registered as a sale for your company with a referral fee payable.
  • Our referral program is totally transparent. Once you've signed up, you'll be given a login to the affiliate dashboard so you can see what traffic you are generating and what referral fees you have earned.

That's all there is to it.

Signing up and starting with the FluentIQ Test Center affiliate program couldn't be easier. So - if you want to improve your recruitment outcomes and add value to your applicants while receiving some benefit for doing so, click below and let's get started.

Sign up

For optimal results put the 'We Accept FluentIQ' badge on the footer of your website, partner page, or wherever you find it works best for your company.

Example of the badge being used in the footer of a webpage

Put it in your job adverts

Example of the badge and text being used in a job ad

Put text in your other templates

We recommend and accept FluentIQ test scores. If English is your second language, we highly recommend that you complete the FluentIQ test and include the results in your application. This simple 1hr test can be used for all future applications and will increase your chances of getting to interview stage. For further information and to complete your test please go to [LINK:]
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